Tournament Individual Digital Images

$35 for 3 images,


$50 for 7 images.


Each additional image after 5 is $7

*All Photos will be uploaded to our website into a client accessible folder.

Team Game Day Photography Shoot - ($250.00)

Complete Game Day coverage for your team. G3 Sports Media arrives 1 hour before game time to capture pre-game warm-ups, field introductions and complete game and post-game coverage of team and individual players. 

We use Sony cameras (Sony A9, A7III, A6500) and shoot approximately 500 images per game. Shooting 20 frames per second enables us to capture vital moments of impact and produce spectacular results for you!

Finished Images

Unlike the "team photo" companies, G3 Sports Media allows you to choose which images you want and enables you to build your own collection of your team's and child's best ACTION shots. We supply you with high resolution images that is perfect for social media and various print options.

With an average of 100 finished images per Game Day Shoot. There is one charge for the complete collection. You distribute to the entire team and split the costs. 

Team photo companies charge families up to $40 for one staged close-up of your child and a team photo. G3 Sports Media provides your team with 50+ ACTION shots and costs less! * 


Contact us for a quote and to schedule your next event!