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Did You Know…

  • 400,000+ Students receive sports scholarships every year.

  • 98% of student athletes have to "recruit themselves" by reaching out to coaches through highlight videos

  • There are 24 NCAA sanctioned sports for Division 1 and Division 2 schools

Sports Highlight Video Reel

You upload your quality videos to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another secure cloud host of your choice, email us the time stamps of the highlights that you want included in the reel, and a quality picture and some info about the athlete, and then we will create your video. 

We finish the video, send you a preview to make sure you love it, and then send a final link that can be shared via email with any recruiter, coach or friend. We also give you a download of the final video so you can have a hard copy of the digital file.

Sports Highlight Video Reel

Basic: $199 per video. Up to 12 plays from up to 3 games, Approximately 1 minute long.

Full: $299 per video (up to 25 plays from up to 4 games) *Recommended by most coaches

Important: When a client supplies the video, they can choose the highlights from each game to include in the reel. Also, we are not responsible for the quality of supplied video.


Not sure which highlights are right for your video? This is a time consuming task. However, we can assist in selecting the proper highlights to include in the reel.

Let Us Do the Work!

Every single one of our players have been blown away by the highlight video we create for them. There's no comparison. We do everything - all editing, graphics creation, slow motion, uploading online - and deliver the BEST basketball recruiting highlight video out there today. Our videos are the perfect mix of style and function - making you look good while capturing the attention of coaches, recruiters and fans who see your video. Let's get serious, let's do this, let's make your video.

Benefits of investing in a Personal Video Reel:

1) Use as a recruiting tool – Sending your video to college coaches is a great way to be proactive in your recruiting process. College coaches may not have time to watch a full game tape or a full season highlight reel. Your video will be posted on YouTube to make it easy for you to share with friends, family, and COLLEGE COACHES.


2) We make you look good – Our video reels help showcase the best parts of your game. Our editors don’t miss anything!

3) We help you promote – Your video reel will appear on our YouTube. We blast the link to your video to all of the major social media outlets. 

Professional Graphics

Using the same video editing software and components that ESPN uses to create their game highlights.

Your Footage

We can use any footage from any games or events you want to incorporate. Need footage? Hire a G3 Sports videographer.

Copy of File

Receive a download link of the video file. Upload it to your own YouTube channel and Social Media pages!

Online Upload and Delivery

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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